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CRS Rice Bowl

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Community Giving During Lent Changes Lives 

St. Theresa Church and School Families invites you to join us in our efforts to build a more just world by helping families in need through CRS Rice Bowl. 

We make the most impact when we take action with others, so we’re coming together virtually this Lent.  25% of the funds go to the Austin Diocese programs like Catholic Charities and St. Vincent de Paul and 75% goes to CRS global programs. 

To see the progress of our collective efforts, watch the weekly videos from Beverly.  For each $10 we collect, two small bowls of rice will be added to the large canister. As the donations add up, at each $50 increment, we will uncover one of the twelve posters to show ways our money is helping Jesus, by helping others. 

Whether in-person, online, or in spirit—our community can come together to pray, fast, and give through CRS Rice Bowl.   



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