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This year, Seattle University's CRS ambassadors are partnering with the on-campus dining service, Chartwells, to serve Lenten rice bowl meals every Friday during the season of Lent! The meals they will be serving are bean cakes from burkina faso and mixed vegetable tihari rice from Pakistan. Students are able to order these meals on the secret menu via the "Boost" ordering app!

Community Giving During Lent Changes Lives 

Our community invites you to join us in our efforts to build a more just and fraternal world through CRS Rice Bowl. We make the most impact when we take action with others, so we’re coming together virtually this Lent.  

Bringing together our Lenten alms as a community this Lent can help end global hunger and malnutrition. Community giving helps support families in more than 100 countries get access to enough nutritious food not only to survive, but to thrive. Whether in-person, online, or in spirit—our community can come together to pray, fast, and give through CRS Rice Bowl.   



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