Your support, your privacy and your trust are very valuable to us. This informs our policies about how we use your personal information.

Do we collect your personal information?

Personal information we collect may include, but is not limited to, your name, postal address, zip code, telephone number, organization name, e-mail address, credit card, bank, or billing information, depending on the type of transaction or correspondence you have with us.

How do we collect personal information?

Information is collected using a variety of methods. You will be asked to provide your personal information when making a donation, or requesting information or updates through our website, e-mail, direct mail or telephone communications.

Do we share your information?

Catholic Relief Services does not sell donor information to anyone, including other nonprofit organizations. We occasionally exchange a small percentage of our addresses to other reputable nonprofit organizations, primarily Catholic nonprofits. Such information exchange allows CRS to realize a substantial cost savings, ensuring that we can be good stewards of the resources so generously donated to us.

Can I control how you use my personal information?

Absolutely. We will always honor your wishes. If you have any concerns about how your information is handled, or to add your name to our do-not-share list please e-mail, call or write us. Please provide us with your exact name and address. We will be sure your name is not on any list we share with other organizations.

Write to: Catholic Relief Services-USCCB
228 W. Lexington St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21201-3443
Phone: 1-888-277-7575.

CRS Donors can update their information and control some of these preferences by registering for our online donor self-service center.

Can I control how you contact me?

We strive for respectful communications. To share your preferences for being contacted through mail, e-mail, phone or name exchange, please call 888-277-7575, or e-mail us at

Do we protect your personal and credit card information from loss and theft?

Yes. For your online security, we use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving payment data, including credit card information. And we have security measures in place to protect against loss, misuse, or alteration of information that we have collected from or about you.

Do we use cookies?

Our server tracks anonymous information, such as IP addresses, from our website visitors. No personally identifiable information is collected or used in this process. This information is used for internal processes, to measure web traffic and to improve the content of our web pages.

Thank you for your trust in Catholic Relief Services.

Your privacy is very important to us, and we want to make sure your experience with us is a positive one. We want to keep you informed about our vital work and the interests we share, but we don't want to do that at the expense of your privacy or trust in us. If you have any concerns, please call 888-277-7575 or e-mail