Help Ukrainian Refugees! $50K Match by James & Megan from Destination Kia & Nissan profile picture

Help Ukrainian Refugees! $50K Match by James & Megan from Destination Kia & Nissan

Urgent Need in Ukraine

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Megan and I are matching the first $50,000 donated through this page to Catholic Relief Services to help Ukrainian refugees.  We picked this charity because it is BBB accredited and meets all the 20 BBB standards for BBB Charity Accountability.   In addition, through its partnership with Caritas Internationalis, this charity is already on the ground and operational in Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, and Moldova.   We wanted a charity that could help in the moment.   It's so hard watching what is happening now and doing nothing.   We are praying for everyone in Ukraine and hope to help.  You are donating directly to Catholic Relief Services, a 501(c)(3) corporation, they provide you a receipt that you can turn in to whomever does your taxes as a charitable deduction.     Catholic Relief Service, as a charity, has 92% of all funds going directly to their programs, there is only 4% for admin and another 4% for fundraising (according to their website and the BBB) - so much is done by volunteers - it's amazing.  We liked their expense ratio and it seemed lower than many of the other charities we considered.   We want to maximize the amount of money that can make a difference.

Megan and I have matched $25K so far (we rounded up).  We stand ready and willing to match more.  Thank you to the generosity of our friends, family and neighbors.  We are truly blessed to know so many wonderful people and have you in our lives.