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How do YOU want to change the world?

“[It] is possible to rediscover the joy of God’s plan for creation and for each of us, which is to love him, our brothers and sisters, and the entire world, and to find in this love our true happiness.” —Pope Francis

Use your creativity!

You know your community best. Think about what will inspire and engage your community to work to build a better world through fundraising to help support our brothers and sisters around the world. Your creativity will allow your community to have an impact in a way that only you can!

Your fundraising helps lead the way

Fundraising in your community can help end global hunger. It helps support migrants, refugees and other members of our human family in need.

We make the most impact when we take action with others. CRS invites you to lead the way to a better world through your fundraiser, joining Catholics and others of good will across the United States who are working to do the same by participating our Lead the Way on Hunger and Lead the Way on Migration campaigns. 

Build a more just world in 6 easy steps. Get started here: 

1. Register your fundraiser here!

2. Set your goal and customize your fundraising page.

3. Invite your friends, family, parish or community to join you.

4. Download stories and prayers to inspire and mobilize your community by focusing in on the issues of hunger or migration through CRS’ Lead the Way campaigns. (En Español)

5. Thank everyone for helping to reach the goal.