Table of Thanks

Join us on May 13, 2020

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What brings people to the virtual table?

Throughout the world, people celebrate to express their culture, welcome friends and family and share their time with others. God invites all his children to his banquet.

We are all invited to the feast.

CRS Table of Thanks invites you to enhance an upcoming celebration with your family, friends or community by remembering our sisters and brothers in need. Our world is composed of many peoples with unique languages, foods and cultures. Our connection as members of one human family is a gift. Lead the way to a more just world by including a CRS Table of Thanks fundraiser in your celebration.

From your virtual table to a better world.

Virtually gather your friends, family, coworkers and parish at the table and create lasting change for those overseas. Due to safety concerns from the pandemic, we request that you keep these events virtual to be as safe as possible for your prayer, reflection and giving.

Host a Dinner Party
Hold a Food Drive
Housewarming Party


Your fundraising helps lead the way

Fundraising in your community can help end global hunger. It helps support migrants, refugees and other members of our human family in need.

We make the most impact when we take action with others. CRS invites you to lead the way to a better world through your CRS Table of Thanks fundraiser, joining Catholics and others of good will across the United States who are working to do the same by participating in our Lead the Way on Hunger and Lead the Way on Migration campaigns.

Set Your Table in 6 easy steps. Get Started Here:

  1. Register your celebration here
  2. Set your goal and customize your fundraising page.
  3. Invite your friends, family, parish or community to join you.
  4. Download resources to help you pray, encounter and take action on global hunger or on migration. (En Español)
  5. Share a great time around your table!
  6. Thank everyone for helping to reach your goal.

We all have so much to be grateful for—let’s show our thanks by making sure all people have the chance to join the feast.