Your fundraiser helps build a better world.

Fundraising in your community can help end global hunger. It helps supports migrants, refugees and other members of our human family who are in need, especially during this challenging time.

CRS invites you to join a movement of Catholics and other people of good will across the United States to participate in our Lead the Way on Hunger and Lead the Way on Migration campaigns through fundraising.

Explore the three CRS fundraising options below to discover ways your community can make a difference. Each option contains a toolkit to support your fundraiser and resources for engaging your community in prayer and education.

Tu recaudación de fondos ayuda a construir un mundo mejor.

La recaudación de fondos en tu comunidad puede ayudar a poner fin al hambre mundial y apoyar a los migrantes, refugiados y otros miembros de nuestra familia humana que lo necesitan. Al unirnos en acción, podemos tener un impacto aún mayor.

Explora las tres siguientes opciones de recaudación de fondos de CRS para descubrir maneras en que tu comunidad puede marcar la diferencia.

Ark of Hope / Arca de la esperanza

The story of Noah and the Flood is a story of hope and of God’s love for his children and all creation. The CRS Ark of Hope invites you to recall that story as you raise donations to share this hope with our sisters and brothers most in need. Lead the way to a better world by fundraising with your community to fill a symbolic ark with animals and items that represent the work CRS does to help all people to thrive. 


CRS Table of Thanks / Mesa de la Gratitud

Throughout the world, people celebrate to express their culture, welcome friends and family, and share their time with others. God invites all his children to his banquet. CRS Table of Thanks invites you to enhance an upcoming celebration with your family, friends or community by remembering our sisters and brothers in need. Lead the way to a more just world by including a CRS Table of Thanks fundraiser in your celebration.


Create Your Own Fundraiser / Realiza tu propia recaudación de fondos

You know your community best. Think about what will inspire and engage your community to fundraise to support our brothers and sisters around the world. Plan an event, competition or another type of fundraiser that will mobilize your community to lead by giving. Your creativity will allow your community to have an impact in a way that only you can!