Start a Fundraiser on Your Campus

Rally your campus community to raise dollars for change.  Whether you're having a one time fundraising event, integrating fundraising into an already-planned campus initiative, or initiating a semester-long campaign, the money you raise will be able to help Catholic Relief Services partner with individuals and families around the world to survive emergencies, overcome vulnerabilities, and build a sustainable future.  

Start a community fundraising campaign for your campus, set a goal, and be creative in your efforts to reach it! Raise money for Syrian Refugees through our I am Migration campaign, for those going hungry in Ethiopia through our I am Global Hunger campaign, or for all of CRS work around the world, which integrates programming to fight human trafficking and climate change, among other important realities.  And, if you don’t want to create a community fundraising page, you can also make a simple, one-time donation.  

How to set up your fundraising page

*Note, if you would like to make a one-time donation instead of create a community fundraising page, there’s a button for that below.

1.) Click on the button below of the campaign for which you wish create a fundraising page.

2.) Then click on the ‘Register Now’ button to bring you to the setup page and fill in the necessary information.

3.) For ‘Participant Type’ click ‘Fundraiser’ -> ‘Create A Team’ -> ‘University Team.’ Be sure to include your school name as part of your ‘Team Name’ and create a goal for the overall community fundraiser.  

4.) The next page will ask for ‘Your Fundraising Goal,’ which is your personal goal, so you can submit what you hope to raise and also fill out the rest of your information leaving blank ‘Parish’ ‘Diocese’ and ‘Parish Ambassador’ information. 

5.) Review your information and submit.  

6.) Two pages will be created, a personal page and a team page.  A link to your team page will be created and can be shared with anyone who wishes to donate to the fundraiser and with your campus community.  Your personal page can be left alone or people can donate to that as well.